Understanding Change – The Universal Change Model

You became a coach because you wanted to help people. I get it.

But you did you expect what it would take to create a profitable business, a life of security, predictable income and time for your family?

Well, the good news is…it IS possible. You just have to learn the practices, strategies and techniques to make this happen.

I’m an NLP coach myself, and my wife is Hypnotherapist. I understand the trials an tribulations of helping people AND building a lucrative coaching business. It takes guts, humility, hard work and constant learning, but what I found truly transformational for myself, was how I essentially had to become a “new” person. A person with new skills, ideas and mindset to make my dreams happen.

But I couldn’t do this alone. After bashing my head against a wall time and time again, thinking that I could do everything myself, I had enough. I gave in to the realization that I needed a coach and mentor – people who could help me on the journey and speed up my results.

In this video, I discuss The Universal Change Process and how people deal with the phenomenon of change in their life.

The Universal Change Process is one of the change models used in psychology and NLP that help us get a better understanding of how we can anticipate and deal with breakdowns in our life or career.

I help coaches and entrepreneurs to get more clients online and build virtual businesses while freeing up time, earning more money and working from anywhere in the world.

Francis Rodino

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